MoDaCo – Charitable Projects – 10K for £10k for Childhood Leukemia

MoDaCo are trying to rise £10,000 for Cancer Research, to help with the donations people have donated items for people to win. Everyone that donates to Cancer Research has a chance to win something.

The following details are from the MoDaCo post.

10K for £10K for Childhood Leukaemia

Help us raise £10,000 for Cancer Research and be in with the chance to win something cool for yourself!

If every follower donates just £1 on the Cancer Research site, we’ll hit the £10k target!

What is the ’10K for £10K for Childhood Leukaemia’ campaign?

Since the very early days of MoDaCo back in 2002, we have been involved with raising money for Cancer Research. When we’ve held our face-to-face events over the years proceeds have always been donated to CR and other fundraising efforts since have always contributed to this extremely worthy cause. Just recently I noticed that my follower count on Twitter was heading towards 10,000 and this got me thinking about whether I could use this following to do some good. This in turn led me to wonder if we could raise £10,000 for the MoDaCo Cancer Research ‘My Project’ in aid of Childhood Leukaemia, which equates to a donation of £1 per Twitter follower.

Of course, the best reward of donating to such a worthy cause is the knowledge that your are contributing to helping the most vulnerable of Cancer sufferers, but there’s no reason there can’t be an extra carrot of a gadget or two up for grabs is there…, hence we have a prize pool, the recipients of which will be chosen at random the end of the donation effort from those who have donated.

What are the prizes?

I have started the ball rolling by donating some of my personal tech to the prize pool and I have also invited some friends of MoDaCo to offer prizes too. I hope that the list below will grow as the effort gets publicised.

Donated by @paulobrien: The winner’s choice of either my personal Dell Streak or my personal Apple iPad

Donated by Clove Technology: 1 x Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset, 2 x Samsung GT-E11080 Mobile Phones, 2 x £10 Voucher off ANY Clove order
Donated by DSL Developments: 1 x Brodit passive holder and the corresponding ProClip / Windscreen mount
Donated by HTC: 1 x HTC HD Mini
Donated by HTCCode: 5 x SIM unlocks
Donated by 1 x Blackberry 8520
Donated by MoDaCo member Mysterious Stranger: 1 x HTC Smart
Donated by ALK: 5 x CoPilot Live 8 (Pan Europe Maps Edition) for Android / Windows Mobile


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