End of the world or not?

A lot has been said about the end of the world and that it will be happening tomorrow (21/12/2012), lots of people have been disproving it even NASA has been involved and they even have a part of the site dedicated to this – Beyond 2012 and had a Google+ Hangout about it which is available on YouTube for people to watch.
So it seems that nothing is going to hit earth, we aren’t going to be sucked in a black hole, the polar poles aren’t going to swap any time soon, etc, etc. Which means nothing to worry about.

Then I came across this on the “What’s Hot” section of Google+ which talks about us begin in a Matrix style simulation, Which I think would be pretty cool but I don’t think we likely to ever find out unless we get the offer of a “red pill” and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
It would be fun if it was true and the end of the world on 21/12/2012 was linked in that the world ending was actually the end of the simulation and we just get “turned off”, I guess we will find out in the morning, In the mean time lets count to the possible end of the world.