MoDaCo – Charitable Projects – 10K for £10k for Childhood Leukemia

MoDaCo are trying to rise £10,000 for Cancer Research, to help with the donations people have donated items for people to win. Everyone that donates to Cancer Research has a chance to win something.

The following details are from the MoDaCo post.

10K for £10K for Childhood Leukaemia

Help us raise £10,000 for Cancer Research and be in with the chance to win something cool for yourself!

If every follower donates just £1 on the Cancer Research site, we’ll hit the £10k target!

What is the ’10K for £10K for Childhood Leukaemia’ campaign?

Since the very early days of MoDaCo back in 2002, we have been involved with raising money for Cancer Research. When we’ve held our face-to-face events over the years proceeds have always been donated to CR and other fundraising efforts since have always contributed to this extremely worthy cause. Just recently I noticed that my follower count on Twitter was heading towards 10,000 and this got me thinking about whether I could use this following to do some good. This in turn led me to wonder if we could raise £10,000 for the MoDaCo Cancer Research ‘My Project’ in aid of Childhood Leukaemia, which equates to a donation of £1 per Twitter follower.

Of course, the best reward of donating to such a worthy cause is the knowledge that your are contributing to helping the most vulnerable of Cancer sufferers, but there’s no reason there can’t be an extra carrot of a gadget or two up for grabs is there…, hence we have a prize pool, the recipients of which will be chosen at random the end of the donation effort from those who have donated.

What are the prizes?

I have started the ball rolling by donating some of my personal tech to the prize pool and I have also invited some friends of MoDaCo to offer prizes too. I hope that the list below will grow as the effort gets publicised.

Donated by @paulobrien: The winner’s choice of either my personal Dell Streak or my personal Apple iPad

Donated by Clove Technology: 1 x Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset, 2 x Samsung GT-E11080 Mobile Phones, 2 x £10 Voucher off ANY Clove order
Donated by DSL Developments: 1 x Brodit passive holder and the corresponding ProClip / Windscreen mount
Donated by HTC: 1 x HTC HD Mini
Donated by HTCCode: 5 x SIM unlocks
Donated by 1 x Blackberry 8520
Donated by MoDaCo member Mysterious Stranger: 1 x HTC Smart
Donated by ALK: 5 x CoPilot Live 8 (Pan Europe Maps Edition) for Android / Windows Mobile


More details here

Bournemouth datacentre complete

Bournemouth datacentre build is complete and is starting to take on customers.

The datacentre is located at C4L’s head office in westbourne.

The datecentre has the usual stuff, UPS and generator backup,man trap, multiple fibres in to the building, etc. what this datacentre has that none of the ones that I have been in to has and I have been in quite a few in various  places (London, M25 Orbital, Manchester and Leeds) is that the bournemouth one use’s cold isle containment, this makes sure that only cold air is available to be sucked in to the front of the servers and not a mixture of hot and cold air.

A picture of a bock of racks below.

Racks in the DC

Another thing that has been done at the Bournemouth datacentre is to have Blue lights under the floor showing through the grills to remind you which is the cold isle :)

Here is the same picture as above but with the lights off.

Racks at night

I would highly recommend booking a tour. The site is ideal if you live closer to Bournemouth than London or hate getting stuck in London traffic or as a disaster recovery site .

If you are interested in seeing how the datacentre was built you can details and pictures of the build at the C4L blog, also more details on the datacentre can be found at the Bournemouth datacentre’s website

a couple more photo’s of the datacentre below.

Man Trap

Cold isle containment at the top of the racks.

Night Shot with the blue lights

Another night shot

Looks like we all wrong about IRC

I went to the Irssi website to grab the latest copy and saw this on the home page. It seems people who use and know what IRC is got it all wrong.

I was shocked at how wrong numb3rs go it. While people who know about IRC will laugh at how wrong it is, anyone watching it who doesnt know what IRC is now has completely the wrong idea about IRC.

I think this video response says it all.